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My first dog friend was a giant who lived down the street from our apartment. He was so tall I could walk underneath him without bending down. I remember begging my dad to go for walks so I could visit my very large, very patient friend. It was the beginning of my love affair with animals.

We moved to the country when I was 3 and there followed a steady stream of dogs, cats, cows, chickens, parakeets, horses, small rodents and reptiles, and Napoleon the box turtle. I loved them all, each and every one, and later was equally smitten by every member of the animal parade that graced my adult life. But … Though my family was ahead of many in their acceptance of “extra sensory” events, that acceptance applied only to humans. All those brilliant animal beings who shared my life were but “animals,” lesser creatures, incapable of thought or communication beyond the barks, chirps, whinnies or whatever sounds were allowed by their particular biological makeup. Regardless, I never believed in those limitations and always knew animals were far more than that. How to converse with them was another matter.

In the mid-1980’s, the city girl I had become met and fell head over heels for llamas: beautiful, elegant, aloof beings with a stunning natural ability to sooth and calm humans – even me in rush hour traffic. I returned to the country a year later to live with a very small herd of llamas and heard the first mentions of something called “animal communication.” What?! How does that work? What do you do? Who learns the other’s language? I had all kinds of questions.

I did get answers and some training and practice, but it took another 15 years. I know I needed that time for all the things required to be me now, including two college degrees, a return to the city, and years as a mental health clinician and an educational therapist. After that I was ready to start the work with animals that I do today.

In this amazing work, I’m an Animal Communicator, Healing Touch for Animals™ practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, channel for the Animal Collective, and the founder of Sharing Animal Wisdom: Building a World Community. I do private communication and healing consultations with all species, using flower essences, crystals, crystal essences, and essential oils as needed for healing and to support behavior changes. I teach Animal Communication and Healing Our Animals – a group healing approach for animals, and lead Sharing Animal Wisdom First Gatherings and Wisdom Circles for both children and adults. My work is ever changing and expanding, always a blessing.

Oh, yes. All of that time, all those experiences, all of the effort put into learning and practicing … and what do I know without question now? That each and every human being comes into this life prepared, capable of communicating with animals. It’s just that many of us forget for a while. We can all remember when we’re ready.

What to Expect from an Animal Communication Consult


  What is Animal Communication?

The simplest way to explain animal communication is as a telepathic connection between an animal and someone communicating with them. In a consult, human members of the animal’s family sit in on the conversation while I “talk” with the animal and with you. Because my connection with the animal is purely energetic, we can be in different locations and he or she may be eating, playing, sleeping, or even appear to be paying attention during a consult. Animals are amazing multi-taskers.

Where are consults done?

I do most consults over the telephone with a photograph of the animal to help make the connection faster. For clients wishing an in-person consultation, I make periodic appearances at pet supply stores, fairs, and other events where animals may be welcomed. If my scheduled appearances don’t fit your needs, I will travel to your home or other locations in the Denver area.

How do you schedule a consult?

Contact me through this website, by email, or by phone. I am available for consults at a variety of times during the day and week, so daytime, evening, and weekend hours are all possible. While I cannot guarantee availability in case of an emergency, I do my best to accommodate emergent situations.

How do you pay for a consult?

Payments are made after the consultation within a 24 hour time period. Payments are received via Venmo @MelindaGillette

How do you prepare for a consult?

Either before or after we have scheduled a consult, take a little time to be as clear as possible about what you want to learn from the conversation with your animal. You may have quite specific questions about relationships, health, or behaviors or you may simply want to get to know your companion better. Talk to your animal companion, too, to let her know that a consult is planned.

At the time of the consult, please be in a quiet place where you are unlikely to be interrupted. You are welcome to have other family members or friends sit in on the consult, but please introduce whoever is joining us. Your animal companion or companions can be with you if you wish. Remember that they need not be awake or visibly paying attention to our conversation.

What happens in a communication consult?

At the scheduled time, provide me with a number to call, and will we schedule the consult. After any introductions and a brief conversation about what you wish to learn, I usually begin by greeting your animal and checking to learn a little about his temperament and how he is feeling at the moment. Her answers and your responses to them (and sometimes my own questions) guide the conversation for a few minutes and
then we’ll move to any specific questions you have.

I am trained in several energy healing modalities and use essential oils, flower remedies, aromatherapy, crystals, and crystal essences to assist animals with any adjustments they seem to need. I may recommend one or more of these for your companion or make a referral to another practitioner if I believe that will better help resolve any problems.

How long is a consult?

One half-hour is enough to address several basic questions with one or two animals. I can connect with three to five animals in an hour. In-depth conversations, particularly with several animals, may require more time.

Can we talk with animals who have passed over?

Simply, yes. Talking with animals on the other side is very much like talking with those who are in their bodies. We can schedule a consult only with an animal in spirit or include him with your other companions.

Discover Your Talent with Animals

Classes & Events

Cultivate Your Skills


I appear at several metaphysical fairs in the Denver area each year and often speak sometime during each fair.  In addition, I do consults at selected pet supply stores during the year and periodically present at area Meetups and other events.   Of course, I’m always honored to speak with you and your animal companions by appointment.

 Zoom Meetup Our Very Complicated
Relationship with Animals
 Melinda Gillette

Sat., March 13, 2021, 12:00PM-2:00PM,
  Come to explore your animal connections and celebrate your relationships, past, present, and future, with those who wear animal bodies in this life. Be sure to invite the animals who share – or have shared – your life. (It’s OK if they seem to prefer a spot in the sunshine. They’ll still be with you.) Melinda is an animal communicator, intuitive, and healer. She says, “After all these years of living and talking with animals, I think I’m finally beginning to understand who’s really the leader and teacher and who is the student.

Enter Meeting ID: 812 0418 2216
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Classes are on hold due to Covid and will resume sometime in 2021.
So check back often.

Animal Communication

Talking with Animals: At the Beginning

We all come into our lives prepared to communicate with animals … but some of us forget our ability as we go about growing, and learning, and being humans. In this three hour class, you are guided to remember how to connect with animals, be aware of their ongoing connection with you, and share their wisdom. You’ll learn how to open to an animal for communication, what kinds of senses you may use, and then practice with an animal who is present with us and with other animals who are at distance.

This class is held at least once a year, depending upon interest. Dates are usually announced six to eight weeks before the class day.
The fee for the class is $40.

Beginning Animal Communication

Once or twice a year, I teach a two-hour version of Talking with Animals as the first class in a five-part series in connection with the Misha May Foundation ( I will announce these classes as they are planned. Scheduling and fees are set by Misha May.

Sharing Animal Wisdom: Building a World Community

What is Sharing Animal Wisdom?

Sharing Animal Wisdom is people learning from animals and working with them to heal ourselves and our earth. In our Gatherings, we join with the animals energetically, intuitively, and physically as they help us understand the needs of the earth and all of her inhabitants for recovery and restoration.

Sharing Animal Wisdom grew out of my sense that something was missing from my much-loved work as an animal communicator, healer, and teacher. When I opened to guidance, I was led to my connection with the Animal Collective and learned that they had “hired” me as one of many “District Directors” worldwide. My job is to recruit other humans to help restore the harmony and balance with our earth and ourselves that we have lost through the mismanagement of our planetary home. The Collective is quite certain that when humans join with animals and other beings living on and in our earth, we can heal the earth and all her inhabitants, ourselves included. If you are reading this, you may be a recruit. Yes, I am humbled.

Who Is the Animal Collective?

The Animal Collective shows itself to me as a group of the oversouls of all the animals in many dimensions, from the smallest insects to the largest vertebrates. The Collective has its own voice. Different species and/or individuals from the species may speak depending upon the messages they wish to convey.

How Does Sharing Animal Wisdom Work?

Sharing Animal Wisdom consists of two programs, one for adults and a new program for kids in two groups by age, 7-12 years and 13-18 years. Both programs follow the same outline with changes to Kids Sharing Animal Wisdom that reflect age-appropriate content and locations. Participation of a parent or guardian is required in the Kids program.

A First Gathering is the starting point. We come together to connect with each other and with our animal guides. Through meditation and conversation, we share the animals’ messages with one another and begin to listen to and work with the animals. After your initial First Gathering, you are welcome at future Gatherings without charge. There are at least six First Gatherings each year.

The program continues with Wisdom Circles, where we connect with animals in many ways and places. We may do guided meditation or healing in a home or park, travel to an animal sanctuary created by humans, or learn from animals in a wild place where we are very much the visitors. Anyone who has taken part in a First Gathering is welcome to join the Circles. We hold eight or nine Wisdom Circles a year.

Healing Our Animals

Each of us is capable of channeling Universal healing energy for the benefit of animals and ourselves. In this class, you’ll learn and practice ways to connect with this energy and use it to support and heal your animal companions. The healing work by itself brings you closer to the animals and makes communication with them easier. Beyond that, our work as a group deepens both our understanding and the healing process. There is space available for a limited number of dogs in each class on a reservation-only basis.

We offer


Consultations & Zoom Events

Register here for animal consultations. I can take cash, check, money order, or Venmo. Class meetings are postponed for the present time.

  • Sharing Animal Wisdom

  • $35

    2 hour gathering
  • Learning from animals and working with them to heal ourselves and our earth.
  •  Kid Program
  •  $35 per 2/hours
  • Kids Sharing Animal Wisdom

  • $40

  •  The Sharing program for kids ages 7-12 and 13-18.
  • $40 per/class for advance registration 

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